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November 2023

Dialogue between science and contemplation: exploring shared territories

With the ambition of restoring a global model of reality - which includes objective and subjective domains - the opportunity to study the phenomena of the mind takes shape not only indirectly, through neural correlates and behavioral manifestations, but from first-person experience. Addressing this type of inquiry necessarily requires a comparison with the contemplative traditions and their very rich compendiums of knowledge.

Values and Mission

MindScience Academy was born from the spontaneous impulse, encouraged by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, towards the exchange and mutual penetration between scientific knowledge and other forms of knowledge, rooted in the tradition of religions and philosophical doctrines and in contemplative practice.

The activities of MSA are aimed at increasing this dialogue and pouring it into a place accessible to more languages ​​and more looks. To achieve this aim, our editorial staff tries to build a transversal space for research laboratories, academic publishing, realities linked to contemplative practices and a passionate public; transversal to multiple study disciplines and multiple methodological approaches; transversal, finally, to human cultures and identities and different modalities of experience.