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Call for collaboration

To MindScience Academy, beyond presenting novel content on a regular basis, it is crucial to operate as a platform that actively traverses the conceptual terrains open between our field of interest and the active contribution of a community.
At the very heart of MindScience Academy lies the will to host a dialogue, a transformative cross-contamination from foreign to familiar knowledge. This is why our attention always aims at reciprocity; at the impressions and feedback of whoever is willing to review or share material with us.

In order to pursue such quest, MindScience Academy will periodically open up to submissions, both original and signposted, build up autonomously or within workshop activities.
On these occasions, we will care to emphasize such possibilities of pooling and fellowship on our homepage and on social media. 

For the time being this portal is not open for submissions but we hope it can already act as a standard or call for those who affiliate with our goals and interests and wishes to partake.
In due time, this very page will contain all the required addresses and information.