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Within MindScience Academy the Latest Science branch is an outpost or watchtower on international scientific literature. In here notable scientific articles kindred to MindScience pursuit are periodically selected. The purpose here is to offer further cues of trajectories for thought, opportunities for each to nurture and develop their own understanding of such diffuse and maze-like probe.
Wei Du, HongboYu, Xinghua Liu & Xiaolin Zhou
Extant research has demonstrated the positive intrapersonal efects of mindfulness training. However, the cognitive mechanisms underlying the efects of mindfulness training on interpersonal processes are less clear
Research cited in the article:
Antoine Lutz, Heleen A. Slagter, John D. Dunne, Richard J. Davidson
Julia Diemer, Georg W. Alpers, Henrik M. Peperkorn, Et Al
Virtual reality (VR) has made its way into mainstream psychology research over the past two decades. This technology, with its unique ability to simulate complex and real-life situations and contexts, offers researchers unprecedented opportunities to study human behavior in well-controlled laboratory projects.
Dylan T. Lott, Tenzin Yeshi, Et Al
Recent EEG studies on the early postmortem interval that suggest the persistence of electrophysiological coherence and connectivity in the brain of animals and humans reinforce the need for further investigation of the relationship between the brain’s activity and the dying process.