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Executive Committee

Valerio Tallarico and Ivano Colombo

Editorial Board

Project Manager: Maria Vaghi
Buddhism Experts: Ven. Olivier Rossi and Atisha Mathur

Academic and Scientific Referees: Prof. Bruno Neri (UniPi) and Claudio Colaiacomo

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Iconographic References

All images are royalty-free and downloaded from the sites specified in the caption.

Here are the royalty-free references for the background images:

MindScience Academy
Personnage couché (1921), Georges Valmier (French, 1885 – 1937) in artvee.com

Thematic Area: Body, Mind and Emotions
Bathing women (circa 1920); Leon Chwistek (Polish, 1884-1944) in artvee.com

Thematic Area: Consciousness and Inner Reality
Storm Clouds (1935); Arthur Dove (American, 1880-1946) in artvee.com

Thematic Area: Relationships and Society
Light + Mirrors and Crowd; interior of a Popular Ballroom in Antwerp (1914); Jules Schmalzigaug (Belgian, 1882-1917) in artvee.com

Thematic Area: Life, Environment and Cosmos
Geographical Definitions Illustrated, from Yaggy’s Geographical Portfolio, 1893 in https://publicdomainreview.org