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Recommended readings

This section lists titles cited by experts who propose a contribution (article or video), but of which they are not the authors. The choice was intended to further broaden the in-depth analysis of the topics covered and the richness of the contents.

Each editorial sheet, in addition to being present here in Recommended Readings, reports the reference to the Foreground in which it was inserted, thus easily leading the user back to the topic covered which can also explore thanks to the other contributions. The books cited are not necessarily recently published but are considered fundamental for the reference field.

focus on may 2024
Happiness cannot come from setting it as a goal; it arises from the ability to appreciate the journey or, more precisely, the experience that life offers in the present moment. (...) When we are unhappy, instead of trying to become happy, we should take whatever is happening as an opportunity to encounter and overcome obstacles on the path.
focus on april 2024
From the thought of Francisco Varela, Evan Thompson and Eleanor Rosch, enactive epistemology flourishes, bringing to light first-person knowledge where embodied experience plays a constitutive role. A fundamental text.