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Ven. Geshe Tashi Tsering

Serme Khen-Rinpoche-Gesce-Tashi-Tsering

Serme Khen Rinpoche Gesce Tashi Tsering (born 1958) is the abbot of Sera Mey Monastic University in India. From 1994 to 2018 he was a resident Tibetan Buddhist teacher at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London. Tsering was born in Purang, Tibet, in 1958, and his parents fled to India in 1959. He entered Sera Mey Monastic University in southern India at the age of 13 and graduated with as a Lharampa Geshe 16 years later. Geshe Tashi then entered the Higher Tantric College (Gyuto) for a year of study.

Tsering's teaching career began in Sera, after which he taught monks at Kopan Monastery, Nepal, for a year. He went on to the Gandhi Foundation College in Nagpur, India, and then moved to Europe, initially to Nalanda Monastery in southern France. From 1994 to 2018, Tsering was a resident teacher at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre in London. In 2017 he obtained a master's degree in social anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

In occidente, Tsering insegna in inglese ed è rinomato per il suo calore, chiarezza e umorismo. Oltre a Jamyang, è stato un insegnante ospite regolare in altri centri buddisti nel Regno Unito e in tutto il mondo. È anche il creatore e l’insegnante originale del Foundation of Buddhist Thought Course, un corso biennale che offre una panoramica dello studio e della pratica del buddhismo tibetano.